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Fred Perry 60th Anniversary Subculture Films

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Sometimes if you want more clarity on where you're going, you need to reflect on where you've been. And, in the last 60 years, Fred Perry has earned the respect of heavy-weights in the sports, music, and fashion industry proving by that no idea is truly isolated from its environment. In their case, Fred Perry demonstrates that the looks and trends of decades past - including their own place in British subculture - are still alive today in the looks we see out in the streets and in the sounds pumping through our earbuds. And now, to help celebrate their 60th anniversary, Fred Perry has beckoned the help of director Don Letts and Subculture Films to produce a six-part Subculture series that examines the history of English subculture on the evolution of today's style, focusing on their influences and their implications on modern fashion designers. After watching the entire series, all of which can be found on the Fred Perry Subculture homepage, there's no denying the fact that you'll have stronger appreciation for the history of your threads and the true OG's who made them shine.