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Google Crisis Response - Hurricane Sandy Interactive Map

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If you're one of 50 million or so people hunkered down because of Hurricane Sandy. You can follow the progression of it on an interactive map created by Google Crisis Response division. Though it is a Category 1 Hurricane, the designation is somewhat a misnomer. This is because Sandy is a hybrid of meteorological events, both a hurricane and a winter storm combined. Hence the moniker "Frankenstorm" or "Superstorm". And while most storms only "brush" against the Eastern seaboard of United States, Sandy will be traveling inland, affecting areas as far north as Quebec City, Canada. With damaging gust up to 90 mph and punishing rain, Sandy will make landfall near New Jersey's Atlantic City sometime this hour. If you still have power and Internet connection, you can track the storm's progress as well as local advisories near you on Google Crisis Map here.