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RH Motorsports GT1-S and GT3-S

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Don't be alarmed and think that you accidently made a wrong turn onto a Grand Prix course if you see one of these Ford GT's pull up next to you. RH Motorsports and The GT Guy wanted to build two "production" style GT's legal for the street that blend the highest quality OEM quality standards with the accessibility that regular car guys need to get their hands on a kit tailor made for one of the fastest classic sports cars. These two are prototypes representing their work, which used the Matech GT1 as a guide, before widening its front track four inches, outfitting its interior with carbon fiber and Alcantara, and giving it three different engine options: a 600-hp, a supercharged 5.4-liter with 760-hp, or a twin-turbo producing 1000-hp. Release and pricing information hasn't been announced yet, but we do know that GT owners can select the entire package or pick and choose their mods. Either way they're going to be even happier with their GT. 

via: autoblog