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Nike+ Kinect Training For Xbox 360

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We're quickly approaching every diet and workout regimen's most troubling part of the year where holiday eating and cold weather combine to derail everyone's best of intentions. Get a head-start on that New Year's resolution that you know you're going to make or even supplement your usual training with Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360, which puts some of the best training tools and movements directly in your living room. Using the Kinect sensor, the game works with you to create a personalized workout program that monitors your progress, tests your development every four weeks, and gives you a great excuse to play video games with your girlfriend. With the help of the sensor, you get real-time feedback on the positions and movements to make sure you're doing them correctly without slouching or wimping out. You can also participate in challenges with your friends and others around the globe. The Nike+ Kinect Training for Xbox 360 is available now at Nike's online store