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Skate Park House by LEVEL architects

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Pretty much every budding skater has heard the dreaded cry of "No skating in the house!" from a frantic parent. But one young couple in Tokyo's Shibuya ward took this concept in a much different direction with the creation of a skate park house, which was built with the assistance of LEVEL Architects. Just as the name suggests, this 4 floor home is a skater-turned-entertainer's dream; complete with a studio/skateboard bowl room, plenty of courtyard and living space, and one large master bedroom that leads to a sizeable terrace. Plenty of large windows and skylights combine with the natural wood floors, exposed brick, and polished concrete to create a bright and open feel. While the bowl may not be as what you'll see at your local park, it's probably bigger than the one in your home. Take a virtual tour for yourself with the pictures after the jump. 

via: designboom