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Ferrari Museum Celebrates Works of Sergio Pininfarina

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Many dream of having an impact on the car world, but only a select few reach the pinnacle where Sergio Pininfarina sits in the halls of Ferrari. Pininfarina's career with the Italian automaker began in 1952 and over the years he helped to design more than 100 Ferraris for us to dream about until his unfortunate passing in July this past summer. To celebrate his work and the impact that he has had on the brand, the Ferrari Museum has put 22 of his most iconic designs on display in an exhibit entitled, "The Great Ferraris of Sergio Pininfarina." The show, which is open now, will run through January 7 and features both production models and one-off's, including the experimental four-door Pinin and a 330 GTC Speciale owned by a Princess of Belgium. If you can't quite swing a last-minute trip to northern Italy, preview shots and a video of the exhibition are after the jump.

Ferrari Museum
Via Dino Ferrari 43 | Map 
41053 Maranello, Italy

Exhibition Dates: Now - January 7th, 2013 (Monday)

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