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Dunhill - Solar Charger for Mobile Devices

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In the hours and days after Superstorm Sandy hit, our reliance to modern day conveniences are now more apparent. So have the vulnerabilities associated with these conveniences, like the lack of power. While there is no need for all of us to appear on the next episode of Doomsday Preppers (at least not yet), there are a few precautionary steps we can take, such as having a solar charger for your mobile devices. On a stylish note, there is this premium version from luxury fashion house Alfred Dunhill - a collapsible solar charger made with high-grade aircraft aluminum. Capable of providing up to 30 hours of charge time, the device can be recharged via solar panels or computer USB cable. All can be neatly store away in its own Dunhill Chassis leather case. A thoughtful gift for the holiday season, available now at Dunhill specialty stores and its online shop.

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