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The Insanely Great History of Apple by Pop Chart Lab

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Considering the impact of Apple's products over the years, we can't complain about naming a poster that charts every one of those products from 1976 to 2012 "The Insanely Great History of Apple." Created by Pop Chart Lab (whose mission statement is to "render all of human experience in chart form"), the print depicts every computer, handheld and peripheral device released by Apple in the last 30-plus years, charting the connections, both in terms of category and legacy, between the products as well. Each of the 27" x 39" prints is signed and numbered by the artists, from an edition of 1000. Printed on 100lb. archival recycled stock using vegetable based inks, the Insanely Great History of Apple chart is available for pre-order now through Pop Chart Lab's online store.