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Barack Obama Won 4 More Years, Re-Elected As President Of The United States

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On record as one of most expensive political campaign ever, but in the end the American people voted to give Barack Hussein Obama a second chance as the President of the United States. It was a hard won battle against his opponent from the Republican Party, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. Both sides traded barbs on nearly every topic and filled every imaginable media outlets with caustic, negative political advertisements. Yesterday's hotly contested presidential election was also one of the closest in recent history. While President Obama won against Governor Romney in the electoral vote process with 303 to 206, he was only 2 million points ahead in the popular vote process at last count.

Now with his victory and his place in history secured as the first African-American president as well as one in office for two terms, immense challenges are ahead for President Obama. There is the growing divisiveness between the two major political parties, the increasing disparity between rich and poor, plus the slow economic recovery and the enormity of the national debt, all need to be address immediately. But in the few hours between yesterday and today, politicians and volunteers alike can finally rest at ease.