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Harrison Ford Might Return As Han Solo In Star Wars Episode VII | Rumor

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It's been less than a week since George Lucas announced the sale of Lucasfilm to Walt Disney Co. and already, there is a flush of excitement among Star Wars fans. The news is particularly welcoming since it also marks the start of a new Star Wars Trilogy, with Star Wars: Episode VII said to release in 2015. Now there is report that actor Harrison Ford may be reprising his role as Han Solo. Though the dashing intergalactic smuggler from Corellia was not Ford's favorite role and the actor still expressed some qualm about it some 35 years later, the recent appointment of Kathleen Kennedy as the company's chairperson altered Ford's view of the matter. Of course, no decision will be made by all the parties involve till there is a director and a solid script for the movie. In the meantime, Lucasfilm unveiled a video where George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, and Lynne Hale talked about the future of Star Wars franchise.



via: EW