Sebastian Errazuriz - Hurricane Sandy Relief T-Shirt Collection


In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, you don't have to be able to move mountains to help bring relief to the storm victims, but you have to do something. And that's exactly what artist and sculpture Sebastian Errazuriz is doing with his Hurricane Sandy Relief T-Shirt Collection. After being so depressed by the devastation, he decided he wanted to raise money and took to the world he knew: art. Immediately, Errazuriz began taking the iconic "I Love NY" t-shirt design and dipping them into blue ink to recreate a flood line. He then took a subway map shirt and dipped it diagonally to symbolize the Manhattan power-dividing line. What Errazuriz didn't expect was for his shirts to take off as quickly as they did. Interest quickly swelled beyond his friends and regular customers, to SoHo's Grey Area, and then globally thanks to an article in the New York Times. All proceeds from the shirts, which Errazuriz and his two-person staff are currently creating one-by-one by hand, will go to disaster relief in the region. If you want in, visit Grey Area's online shop to learn more.