Stussy x Honda - CRF250L Promotional Video

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Earlier, we brought you a look at Stussy and Honda's special edition CRF250L motorbike, which is currently touring Stussy Japan shops. While you can't get your hands on one (you can, however, get commemorative Tees), the Thruxton-tuned bike is now the star of a flashy new promotional video directed by the MU-STAR GROUP's Yuji Kamiyama. The short clip, which shouldn't be watched with your face too close to the screen, showcases the CRF250L's glowing cowls and wheel rims, graphic knuckle guards, and custom Stussy-infused paint-job against a flashy backdrop and an equally impressive light show. Just make sure that before you click the video that your speakers are on; this is as much an audio experience as it is nice on the eyes.