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TiBolt - American Made Titanium Bolt Action Pen | By Brian Fellhoelter

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Mimicking the movement of a rifle bolt, Brian Fellhoelter's TiBolt Bolt Action Pen sets a new standard when it comes to writing instruments. No longer will you have to settle for cheap, by-the-dozen pens with easily breakable parts, inconsistent click tops, and plastic bodies that leave your pockets at risk of ink spills. Everything except for the ink, the spring, and the stylus is 100% titanium, including the body, the tip, the bolt, the ball, and all of the screws, clips, and hidden parts. Not only does this leave you with an incredibly strong and durable pen, but this thing is simply cool to look at. While it may not be enough to get you to volunteer to take notes at your next staff meeting, this is the perfect pen for signing your John Hancock on everything that comes across your desk. If you want one, you can support Fellhoelter's Kickstarter campaign, which is set for an initial delivery in December 2012.