FMGC International - Full-scale Formula 1 Simulator


There's racing simulators. And then there's FMGC International's Full-scale Formula 1 Simulator. Designed to look and perform just like the real deal, this simulator literally puts you in the cockpit for a real driving experience using genuine racing parts and equipment seen on real racers. This thing comes equipped with real Pirelli F1 racing tires, BBS wheels, Brembo racing calipers, and a full carbon fiber body from rear wing to front spoiler. You even have to use the quick-release F1 steering wheel to get into cockpit. The gaming experience itself is helped along with three 23-inch screens mounted in front of the driver with a 5.1 digital surround sound speaker system providing realistic audio through tweeters in the cockpit, two mounted speakers on the screens, and a subwoofer right behind the driver's seat. The graphics are powered with a custom-built PC running an Intel Core i7 processor packed with three graphics chips. The only problem is its $144,000 price tag, but at least you won't have to pay to fill it up every few laps.

via: designboom