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Range Rover Evoque - Desert Warrior 3 | By RaBe Race Cars

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Only a designer of extreme racing vehicles can conceptualize the following, let alone building it. Introducing Range Rover Evoque Desert Warrior 3, an off-road racer made by RaBe Race Cars. Pride themselves as "Exclusive Designer & Manufacturer of Extreme Desert Cars", the specialists at RaBe Race Cars actually fitted a BMW 3.0-liter turbocharged inline-six diesel engine under the Evoque's hood. Tuned to produce 271 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque, drivers can kick up the output even further to 345 horsepower. Meant for long-distance rally race, RaBe outfitted with a 68.8-gallon gas tank, enough fuel to drive 746 miles before running out. To face the rigors, the challenges, and the unknown of the race, engineers reinforced Evoque's framework throughout with T45 tubing, a carbon-managanese steel commonly used in aircraft. Other proprietary racing mechanical include:

  • CCV (Corner Control Valve).  This is a Reiger patented system which detects whether you are on a straight or in a corner.  In a corner it makes the compression damping of the outer wheel stiffer so that you have less roll.  This allows you to run a softer anti-roll bar or even no anti roll bar because this system does take over a part of the anti-roll bar function.

  • RCV (Rebound Control Valve) This system is developed to gain more grip.  It detects if the wheels are on the ground or not.  If not, it softens the rebound damping so that the wheel drops quicker.

  • LCV (Lateral Control Valve) This Reiger-patented system detects, during compression, if this compression is caused by the wheel that is going up or the chassis that is going down.  If the chassis is going down, because for instance you jump into a hole, it further stiffens the compression damping.  This allows you to run a softer, more comfortable basic damper setup.

  • HPDP (Hydraulic Progressive Double Piston) This is a double piston system with a damper that has a speed-dependant characteristic.  On an impact with high damper speed, the double piston damping will be stiffer than with a low damper speed.  The double piston comes in earlier with a high damper speed than with a low damper speed.

Three of the Range Rover Evoque Desert Warrior 3 are currently in the hands of UK's Excite Rallye Raid Team. Drivers Martin Rowe, John Hardy and Andrew Coley will race the vehicles during the 2013 FIA Off Road Rally Championship and then at the 2014 Dakar Rally.



via: CarScoop