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Shwood Recovery Initiative - Canby Limited Edition in Santos Mahogany

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Once the damage and impact caused by Hurricane Sandy were apparent, the close knitted group behind Shwood Eyewear discussed on the various ways they can help. The Shwood Recovery Initiative was one of the meeting's outcome. For a limited time only, Shwood will be offering its trademark Canby eyewear in Santos Mahogany. Beautifully shaped and stained in dark oil to accentuate the deep wood grains, on each frame etched the Latin term found on Seal of the United States, "E pluribus unum", or "many uniting as one". Retails starting at $155 to $195, all proceeds will be will be going to the American Red Cross. In addition, from now to mid-December, Shwood will be donating 10% of proceeds from all other sales to the cause too. As designer Eric Singer explains, "Often people want to help but aren't sure how to. We wanted to offer a way for people to come together for a humanitarian cause." The Shwood Canby Edition in Santos Mahogany and other Shwood eyewears are now available through