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Sk8 Shade - Sunglasses Made From Recycled Skateboard Deck


You know that old skateboard you've had since you were a kid that you can't just give up even though its seen better days? Instead of just letting boards like that collect dust, South African ramp builder Dave Wit decided to do something about it. Using recycled skateboard decks, Wit has designed a new line of sunglasses using pressed wood, crosslayering them for extra strength (and it just looks cool that way), and hand shaping them to ride again. Even the temple arms are reclaimed from the nose and tail of the skateboard, before being hand sanded, mounted with hinges, glued, and riveted in place to the rest of the frame. Limited to four pairs of shades in each color, you'll have to move fast if you want to snag a pair for yourself. View the shots after the click or Wit's Etsy shop for more. 

via: psfk