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Romo - The Smartphone Robot for Everyone | By Romotive

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Thanks to the first round of funding via KICKSTARTER, Peter Seid, Phu Nguyen, and Keller Rinaudo's dreams came true last November with Romo, their first robotic creation for the masses. Some 2,000 units built and shipped later, the trio not only established a tech start-up in the company of like-minded super nerds, they also formulated plans for a brand new robot that is "smarter, faster, and easier to use." While the name for it will still be Romo, it's technically Romo Version 2.0 with a faster motor for its caterpillar tracks, a tilt-able display mount with 60-degree tilt, and improved software. With either a Apple iPhone 4/4S or iPod Touch 4th Gen mounted and as its control unit, Romo comes to life as an expressive and personable little robot. Be it for a 2-way telepresence, a fun toy, even a virtual pet, Romo is affordable as well as portable. In addition, the SDK included allows future robotic enthusiasts to try out their own algorithms. Beyond those, there are plans to laden more technical goodies like autonomous navigation and facial recognition to the new device, a reason why its on KICKSTARTER once again. With just a contribution of $150, you will get the classic Romo. the original smartphone robot. Contribute $175 and one brand new Romo will be on its way to you. Either one will likely be a great stocking stuffer this holiday season. For more details, please visit Romo's page on KICKSTARTER or Romotive's home page. To see one zooming around in action, simply check out the video after the click.



Romo, 1st Gen



Romo 1st Gen Meets 2nd Gen