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Manufacturing the Porsche Crest | Video

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The artisans at Porsche Classic are reproducing the brand's iconic crests for the Porsche 356 or early 911s, using the same materials and colors from the original versions. To get it right, experts delved into the origin of the crest, which dates back to a meeting in 1952 between Ferry Porsche and U.S. importer Max Hoffman in which they discussed a quality seal for the Type 356. That same year, advertising manager Herrmann Lapper and designer Franz Xaver Reimspieß created the preliminary design that's still used today. The composition features a gold shield, at the center of which is the horse from the official coat of arms of Stuttgart, as well as the name of the city. Surrounding the emblem are red and black state colors, along with antlers from the crest of Württemberg-Hohenzollern. The reproduced crests must undergo the same quality tests as the original, including a simulation of a stone impact test using a ballistic firing range at the Research and Development Centre in Weissach, as well as 240 hours in a salt spray chamber. The care that goes into making the badge is testament to Porsche's dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Check out the video below.