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Mark Wahlberg To Join Transformers 4: The Movie | Teaser

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Movie director Michael Bay had his own "more than meets the eye" moment last month with the Hollywood press. When reports came in on actor Mark Wahlberg's lead role in Transformers 4, Bay first denied it unequivocally. Then came a statement on his website:

"I squashed a rumor that was on the internet last week. It was about Mark Walhberg. Mark was rumored to be staring in Transformers 4. We are working on another movie together, not T4. I had such a great time working with Mark on Pain and Gain, and he gave such a great performance well let's say that very internet chatter gave me some ideas. We are at the inception of our story process right now on T4. Let's say some ideas are gaining traction with me and my writer so I'm here to say thanks internet chatter."

Bay just couldn't keep the secret for long though and late last week, he finally unveiled that Mark Walhberg will indeed be in Transformers 4. The question now is did a simple Internet rumor helped with the actual movie casting?

The new movie will take place four years after Transformers: Dark of the Moon and the battle in Chicago. While it is a sequel, Bay hinted that it will be in "a full new direction" with new cast and new robots. Die-hard fans of the franchise need not to worry, Canadian voice actor Peter Cullen will join the cast also as the voice of Optimus Prime. Filming will begin Spring 2013 with a possible release date of June 27th, 2014.