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Incase - iPad Mini Cases

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Incase has always been there to protect the gadgets of early adopters everywhere, offering cases, bags, and covers for almost anything with an on/off switch. Now the brand is back with a suite of Apple iPad Mini Cases all perfectly sized from day 1 (just ask iPhone 5 users about the importance of that), including a Book Jacket, a Canvas Maki Jacket, a Folio, and the classic Neoprene Case. The Canvas Maki cover is among Incase's most recognizable options, folding into thirds to become a stand before flipping back to an unassuming protective case, just like it was straight from Cybertron. The Folio and the Neoprene Case sleeve are there to keep your iPad safe and secure, doing their job with the help of a wrap around zip and a "no-frills" design with only the addition a slip pocket. If you've made the investment in a new Mini, these are worth their weight in gold so hit Incase's webstore to purchase.