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Pitt Pollaro – Furniture Collection Designed by Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt is used to a life of glitz and glamor and now the actor and architecture buff is on the cusp of launching his own new high-end furniture collection, designed with Art Deco furniture maker Frank Pollaro. The collection will launch under the Pitt Pollaro label and includes about a dozen pieces, comprised of tables, chairs, a bed, and even a two-person marble bathtub all made in the U.S.A. The pairing itself began when Pollaro was commissioned by Pitt to reproduce a desk, but when the designer came across Pitts’ design sketches the relationship quickly turned from client to collab. The big unveiling of the limited-edition collection, which are all signed by Pitt and numbered, will take place between November 13 and 15 before launching on the new Pitt Pollaro website or through the Pollaro retail store in New Jersey later this month. You can view what Pollaro calls “just the beginning” of their work, after the click.