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FEIT - Leather iPad + iPad Mini Case

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Yesterday we previewed a range of new iPad Mini cases from Incase, which offer an equally functional and fun way to protect your latest gadget. But, if you need something a little more formal to fit in during your next meeting hosted in the C-Suite's conference room, FEIT's Leather iPad and iPad Mini Case may be for you. Handmade in a family-run workshop in the heart of Florence, Italy, each of these cases are made from one vegetable leather skin that is moistened, moulded, and shaped to fit every contour of your device. Because not a single stitched is used, these cases will last longer, look better, and feel smoother than any other on the market. FEIT also lined the thick and durable leather exterior with a soft nubuck to give your screen a soft surface to lay against. Releasing November 20, 2012, you can order your FEIT Leather Case now from their online shop.

Release Date:  November 20, 2012 (Tuesday)