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Brutus SUV Motorcycle Concept | By Aessamdro Tartarini

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Being the son of Leopoldo Tartarini, the founder of Italjet, has many benefits. Alessandro Tartarini took advantage of his family legacy by designing a new motorcycle concept. The Brutus is the SUV of motorcycles, built with off-road riding in mind. Aesthetically, the motorbike is fitted with larger wheels and wider tires to tackle rugged terrain. Powered by a single cylinder, 750cc engine, with DOHC, four-valves, and liquid cooler, it produces around 45 bhp. A range of aftermarket add-ons is also available, including the Snow-kit, optimizing the bike for snowy conditions. Perhaps its Achilles heel might be its weight, reported at around 22 kg (485 lbs), which is on par with 1000cc touring motorcycles.




via: gizmag