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Few of the hard working men from MISSIONWORKSHOP won't be home for Thanksgiving this day. Rather, they've all relocated halfway across the globe in Japan, albeit temporary, for the opening of   MISSIONWORKSHOP Pop-Up Shop Tokyo. For about a week's time, the shop will take over part of vic2 Bikkutsu, an outdoor sports equipment store in the Tokyo suburb of Musashino. Similar to its 40 Rondel Place flagship store back in San Francisco, the Pop-Up Shop will offer all of MISSIONWORKSHOP's best selling products, including the ARKIV System Bags, the Monty Rolltop Bag, and Advanced Projects backpacks. A welcoming reception will take place this Friday, November 23rd, and the shop will be opening daily from 11 am to 8 pm till Sunday, December 2nd.

MISSIONWORKSHOP Pop-Up Shop Tokyo vic2 Bikkutsu 1-8-8 Kichijōji Minamicho | Map Musashino-shi, Tokyo Japan TEL #: +0422-24-6426

Opening Dates: November 23rd, 2012 (Black Friday) - December 2nd, 2012 (Sunday) | 11 am - 8 pm