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Coca-Cola – Fall/Winter 2013 Apparel Collection

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Yup, you read that right: the world famous brewer of bubbly beverages, Coca-Cola, has unveiled their latest fashion line for Fall/Winter 2013. Hitting the runway at Fashion Rio in Brazil, Coca-Cola’s collection is a mixture of sports-inspired styles with a hint of beachwear, retro color, and floral prints. Coke’s branding is not-so-subtle on many of the pieces, which have been constructed with mesh, neoprene, and stretchy nylon fabrics along with graphic sweaters, jerseys, and pants. This isn’t the first time the Atlanta, GA company has embarked on a venture into the fashion world in hopes to build their influence into the world of pop culture; in 2008 the Coca-Cola Clothing label launched a line to a slew of bad reviews. But, its a new year and a new line. Let us know if the additional shots after the jump leave you feeling refreshed or flat.