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Nike CB34 Foamposite Max | Preview

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The nineties saw both Nike's rise to dominance and the final days of Charles Barkley's tenure as one of the top dogs on the court. The sneakers on his feet during much of his reign were, of course, from his signature line, the CB34, but for 2013, Nike decided to update things a bit by introducing the robust shoe to the brand's Foam shell for the first time. The overall shape of the hi-top features the same big, bold, and loud style as the Mound of Rebound himself originally helped to design, but Nike took some creative license to add iridescent Foam on the side panels and a glow-in-the-dark sole underfoot. The rest of the upper is constructed with black nubuck that is nicely accented by hints of teal while the sole of the shoe reminds us of one of Sir Charles' most infamous lines, "I am not a role model." Nike hasn't circulated a release date for these yet, but you can view the full set of preview shots after the click. 

Images via: MarqueeSole