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Looking Sideways x Endeavor Snowboards x VANS - Limited Edition Snowboards

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Last year, VANS launched an interesting art project called "Looking Sideways," which asked the general public to send in shot of their own eyes - you guessed it - looking sideways, just like snowboarders, surfers, and skaters do every time they ride. Compiled into a massive collage (see a preview after the jump), the crowd-sourced art was then handed over to Endeavor Snowboards where the collage was broken down and reworked into a range of snowboards that will be given away to a handful of very lucky fans. Endeavor Snowboards also allowed a camera into their shop to show you how they made one of the boards - from sketch to painting - before showcasing the board's carving ability in a brief outing on the slopes. Makes you wish that all art could be this fun.