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Nike SB - The 360 | Video

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If you can't get away from you desk, but you still need to get your skating fix, Nike Skateboarding may have something to help you pass the time between your rides. Using some innovative technology and videography, Nike SB presents "The 360", an interactive video staring Paul Rodriguez, Shane O'Neill, Theotis Beasley, Justin Brock, Donovon Piscopo, and Youness Amrani that allows you to follow their runs by choosing what shot you want to see on your screen. Using a panarama-type control on the bottom or your mouse, you can go along for the ride and decide what you want to see (to a degree). Until you get the hang of it, you may get seasick, but you can't deny this is pretty dope way of tying it all together. Guess this really is the future. Click here to see more for yourself.