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Das Programm - Online Resource of Designs by Dieter Rams

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There are specialized retail shops and then there is Das Programm, solely stocked with products by  renowned German industrial designer Dieter Rams. Known for his clean, simple, and functional designs for the electronics brand Braun and furniture company VitsÅ“, Das Programm is a living and ever-changing archive of Rams' work run by Peter Kapos and Chris Ireson in London. Once at the online shop, you can get a hold of what the site sees as "some of the most desirable and important examples of Twentieth Century industrial design, until now largely unobtainable without travel or risk of e-auction frustration." Divided into electronics and his work with furniture, in both you can find iconic and unique designs from Rams' more than 40 years of design all in one place. Visit Das Programm online to learn more about their collection, which can be shipped worldwide.