1/12 scale Transformer Robot by Brave Robotics


We've brought you a lot of cool things recently, giving you more than enough to fill out your holiday wish list. From Fiat's own Panda 4x4 Monster Truck, to a Real-Life Pixar Lamp, and even an old school Floppy Disk Table, the harder part is determining what not to include. But, before your mail your finished list off to the North Pole, you may want to edit it one more time to include this 1/12 scale Transformer Robot by Brave Robotics. Light-years ahead of the action figures toy creators were offering back in the '80's, Brave Robotics has finally figured out how to build their own real Transformer, able to change between a robot and a car with just the push of a button using a custom 3D printer. Coming in its own case, remote control, and power supply, this guy can do more than just strut around the table and drive around; it can shoot darts out of its arm and stream a video feed over Wi-Fi using its own built-in camera. If you're one of the lucky ones to claim the 10 units planned for production, you also have the ability to choose your own colorway for your autobot. Just hope that you're on Santa's nice list because this gadget rings-up at just over $24,000 USD.