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Fresh Celeb: Russell Westbrook in Air Jordan XX8 as OKC Thunder Win Over Brooklyn Nets

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Air-Jordan-XX8-Russell-Westbrook-Oklahoma-City-Thunder-Brooklyn Nets-00

Paired with the new Air Jordan XX8, Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder sailed past the Brooklyn Nets last night at Barclays Center. While the 117-111 game ended quite close with just a six-point differential between winner and loser, Westbrook made his 25 points and nine assists look easy as he effortlessly finger-rolled his shots in. As for the Air Jordan XX8, its design hit all of the marks in support, speed, and strength. Westbrook even tried it on both as a high- and mid-cuff just to get the feel. It would be interesting to see how Kobe Bryant and his new Kobe 8 System will respond to the new Jordan when the Los Angeles Lakers take on the OKC tonight.

Photography by: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images

Air-Jordan-XX8-Russell-Westbrook-Oklahoma-City-Thunder-Brooklyn Nets-00

Air-Jordan-XX8-Russell-Westbrook-Oklahoma-City-Thunder-Brooklyn Nets-01

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Air-Jordan-XX8-Russell-Westbrook-Oklahoma-City-Thunder-Brooklyn Nets-03

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Air-Jordan-XX8-Russell-Westbrook-Oklahoma-City-Thunder-Brooklyn Nets-05

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Air-Jordan-XX8-Russell-Westbrook-Oklahoma-City-Thunder-Brooklyn Nets-08

Air-Jordan-XX8-Russell-Westbrook-Oklahoma-City-Thunder-Brooklyn Nets-09

Air-Jordan-XX8-Russell-Westbrook-Oklahoma-City-Thunder-Brooklyn Nets-10

Air-Jordan-XX8-Russell-Westbrook-Oklahoma-City-Thunder-Brooklyn Nets-11