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Petrolicious - "San Francisco Skyline" | Video

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Collecting can come in all forms...some collect stamps, while others collect sneakers or caps. Ivan Jaramillo is not exactly a full-fledged collector yet, however, he has two Skylines that would make any Nissan fanatic envious. Petrolicious caught up with Jaramillo, who owns the highly sought-after early "70s Hako Suka, the third generation Skyline, and late "70s Ken Mary, the fourth generation Skyline. Both are restored to near-original condition, except for the additional triple Mikuni carburetors and aero kits. As Jaramillo explains, the joy of driving these vehicles is the sound of the engine when the throttle is opened up. Check out the video below to listen to the beautiful sounds of the carburetor's breath and the harmonious tune of the engine.