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Where I'm From: Jay-Z Barclays Center Documentary | Video

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"Are you famous?" a sweet lady asks Jay-Z as he rides the train to his 8th show headlining his own run at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center. "Yes," he says before a brief pause, "Not very famous, you don't know me."

Outside of a small percentage of the world, Jay is just as well known for bringing basketball back to Brooklyn as one of the owners of the Nets as he is for being one of the most lucrative rappers in the game. And to help to mark his 43rd birthday and other recent milestones in his career, Life + Times has released a short documentary entitled Where I'm From, highlighting the construction of the Barclay Center as well as an unprecedented look behind-the-scenes of Hov christening the venue night after night, revealing a different side of the man and the arena that means so much to the city. Clocking in at just over 24 minutes, it's a far better use of your time than anything else you had in queue. Watch the entire video after the click.