Li-Ning & WADE Brand Appoint Fashion Designer Alejandro Ingelmo as Creative Consultant


Determined not to be just another "celebrity/athlete" fashion brand, Dwyane Wade is making some crucial decisions for his new newly established WADE Brand. With backing from Chinese footwear giant Li-Ning, Wade just appointed Cuban-American fashion designer Alejandro Ingelmo as WADE Brand's Creative Consultant for Special Projects. Twice nominated for Swarovski Award for Accessory Design as well as a contender for the 2008 CDFA Vogue Fashion Fund Top Ten, Ingelmo made headway in the world of high fashion with his footwear designs. With subtle references to the Way of WADE, Dwyane Wade's on-court shoe, Ingelmo will then add on design elements, such as the so-called "gentleman assassin" theme. Expect to see the first of Alejandro Ingelmo's designs for WADE Brand during his show for New York Fashion Week in February. Official launch date will likely to take place sometime in Spring 2013.