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SWAG Magazine by Champs Sports

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The term "Swag" has burrowed its way into our culture, language, and - to some - their identities. Describing one's level of style or presence with a level of confidence and ease, Swag is more than an idea, its can be a way of life. But it is also now Champs Sports' latest way to connect us with the lives and careers of our favorite sports stars in a whole new way. Based on a digital platform that is easily shareable and is widely accessible online, SWAG takes the idea of an interactive magazine to a whole new level. Each installment will be packed with exclusive videos, interviews with the pros, and insights on gear, training, and style that is always cutting-edge. The subscription is 100% free and each of SWAG's first two issues (via Apple or Android) have already hit the virtual newsstands. If you'd like a taste of what SWAG has to offer, a four-part video series highlighting LeBron James' favorite 16 things, including Twitter and Martin Lawerence's '90's sitcom, "Martin" is after the click.