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Marc Newson Kyoto Champagne Cooler for Dom Perignon

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In a few weeks' time, well-heeled revelers the world over will celebrate the New Year by popping open a bottle of Dom Perignon, the prestige cuvee with the highest level name recognition. Suitable for the luxury vintage champagne, Australian designer Marc Newson has developed the Kyoto champagne cooler in collaboration with Seikado, a metal workshop based in Kyoto that's been around since 1838. Crafted from pewter, the piece has spouts on each end that act as handles for the neck of the bottle, which sits chilling in a bed of water and ice. Newson applied traditional techniques used by metalworkers of the Seikado that date back to the early 19century, resulting in an elegant design that matches the refinement of Dom Perignon itself. Check out more looks below.

via: Designboom