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Scion FR-S Supercharger Package | By Abflug

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The Scion FR-S, or Toyota 86, as it is known in Japan, has a lot to live up to seeing as it was touted as the predecessor of the legendary Toyota AE86. Offered as a natural-aspirated vehicle upon initial launch, many aftermarket tuners are tinkering with the new coupe. A well-known Japanese tuning house, Abflug, has released photos of their revitalization of the sports car. The 2-liter engine is mated with an HKS GT Supercharger, producing 258ps and 30.2 kw of torque. HKS Hipermax adjustable suspension improves its handling, while Advan Sports tires provide traction, which are wrapped around 19-inch Abflug Prism III wheels. Lastly, the already-aggressive coupe wears the Abflug Spiral full aero kit, to maximize aerodynamics and minimize drag.