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Ain't Shit Funny x MLCS Hermes (Inspired) Deck & Tees

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Ain't Shit Funny's own label, Peas & Carrots International, have teamed up with L.A.'s Malicious Skates (MLCS) on a limited edition run of T-shirts and a skateboard deck inspired by (and in honor of) the influential French brand, Hermès. The deck, just like the Tee's, are simple in design, relying on the power of Parisian clothier's name alone in white against a pitch-black background while underneath the plain wood grain is given space to shine. The Tees, which are constructed on Champion brand cotton bases, use the same two colors, offering up a white on black and the reverse, using the same font as the rectangular plaque outside the Hermès boutique on Rodeo Drive. The deck and the Tees will release on December 20th, for $98 and $48, respectively, exclusively at Ain't Shit Funny's online shop.

Release Date:  December 20, 2012 (Thursday)