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DJ Neil Armstrong - Sweeet 10 Year Anniversary Boxset

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The legendary DJ Neil Armstrong closes out 2012 with a bang, launching the Sweeet 10 Year Anniversary Boxset after months of teasing. The set contains a total of six CDs: Sweeet, Bittersweeet, Smoove, the SugarCoated EP, Sweeet Part 2, and the brand new Sweeet Part 3, featuring an intro sample and Frank Ocean remix. It's all in tribute to the original Sweeet mixtape from 2002, which Armstrong characterizes as a departure from that era's musical landscape. As he explains, "It wasn't an all out scratchfest. It was my first time showing my skills and love of blending ..." Armstrong admits he initially took flak from his contemporaries for the new "lovey dovey style," but Sweeet has stood the test of time, with new fans to this day telling Armstrong it's one of their favorites. Complete with deluxe packing from Bozack Morris, the boxset is available for purchase in different bundles here.