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OUTLIER – Supermarine Soft Core Jacket

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Outlier‘s latest addition to their cold-weather arsenal is this Supermarine Soft Core Jacket, which demonstrates that bigger and thicker doesn’t necessarily mean better in the outerwear world. Essentially an incredibly insulated and versatile jacket, the Supermarine is built with a cotton shell with fibers that swell up to seal your core when exposed to water while its inner wool liner does its job keeping you feeling toasty. This construction also lends itself to the jacket being extremely breathable and windproof, but it goes without saying that this jacket is equally stylish with a sophisticated look that can be worn day-to-day. Ready to wear year-round or just when you know you’re heading out into the thick of it, this Supermarine Soft Core Jacket from OUTLIER is available in Navy/Grey and Tan through the brand’s online store for $789 beginning in early January 2013.