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PhoneJoy Play - Compact Game Pad For All Mobile Devices | By PSA

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Games for your mobile phone are perfect to have while you're on the go or bored out of your mind, but sometimes the constraints of touchscreen controls severely limits your actual gameplay experience. Looking to completely buck the trend of game development into a totally new arena, PhoneJoy Play introduces a compact game pad for all mobile devices allowing you to expand the complexity of games and enjoyment you'll get out of them. The PhoneJoy Play can either be played as a standalone controller (which is wirelessly compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux) or, as its intended, it extends from the middle to smartphone of all shapes and sizes. The project is spearheaded by PSA and a pledge of $50 on KICKSTARTER will get you a set of your own in white, jet black, or a yet to be determined color that will be voted on by users. It may take a while for the game developers to catch up, but you have to recognize that its time is not too far off. View additional shots and the pitch videos after the click.