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Nike Vaper 9 - NIKEiD Samples

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Strapped to the feet of Roger Federer during the 2012 Australian Open back in January, the Nike Vapor 9's quickly made a powerful impression on the footwear community. Representing some of the Tinker Hatfield's best work to date in both style and structure, the Vapor 9 quickly drew out requests from every corner of the globe for more colorways, which Nike is recently satisfied with the launch of the boot on the NIKEiD system. We previewed its launch here, but if you need more need more examples of what you can do to customize the look of this shoe  that already gives an incredibly personalized fit to match your playing style, we have several samples after the click. Including options to fade the vents, change the traction color, alter the underlay width, and laser etch the frame or tongue, its easy to get started customizing your own pair at NIKEiD now.