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TIME Magazine 2012 Coolest Person Of The Year Lena Dunham, Actress & Filmmaker

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If you think it was difficult to select President Barack Obama as TIME Magazine's Person Of The Year for 2012, veteran journalist Joel Stein will let you know otherwise. While Stein mentioned the selection the Coolest Person Of The Year title will no longer be solely base on his own, the task was still a grueling one. Friends, colleagues, and others have suggested everyone from skateboarder Louie Lopez , actor Channing Tatum, rocker Andrew W.K., to the winner of America's Top Model, Laura James, who shamelessly nominated herself. After much deliberation all alone at home, Stein granted the title to one of the unlikeliest candidate, filmmaker and actress Lena Dunham.

Best known for her television series Girls on HBO, a show which she created, directs, and acts in, Dunham also represents a new type of "cool". One that has less to do with looks and physique but more to do with the complete opposite. One who's not afraid of poking fun of herself, being dorky, or as Stein wrote "a women entire persona is based on doing the wrong thing yet who reportedly got a $3.7 million advance for an advice book." Who knew being uncool can be so cool at the same time? Glad to know there is still hope for the rest of us... Read the rest of Joel Stein's article here.