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NBA: The King of New York - Directed by and Starring Spike Lee

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The latest installment from the NBA's "Big" promotional campaign, entitled "The King of New York," finds filmmaker Spike Lee rhapsodizing about former New York Knick Bernard King. One of the NBA's most prolific scorers, the Brooklyn-born small forward torched two Texan teams in 1984, recording 50-point performances on back-to-back games against San Antonio and Dallas. The following season, King would score 60 points against the New Jersey Nets, this time at home in front of a delirious Madison Square Garden crowd. Lee was there, watching from the back row ("I could touch the roof"), witnessing history in the making. "All hail the king!" he declares, before wondering who'll be next to wear the crown. The video, meanwhile, focuses on a mural depicting the purest scorer in the game right now, Carmelo Anthony. Check it out below.