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Photojojo - DSLR Filter Wheel for Analogue Style Photography

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If you're looking to add even more color to your life and more lenses to your at-home arsenal, you may want to check out this new DSLR Filter Wheel brought to you by Photojojo. All you do is mount the lens to your DSLR body and snap on one of the two rotating wheels, the first supplying a range of colors, dual colors, and even color surrounds, while the second packs kaleidoscope lenses, macro lenses, and more. Moving between each wheel's filters is as easy as manually focusing and you don't have to worry about to having to carry around a legion of gear, mess with color gels, or other complicated add-ons. These are also a great way to add more effect to your videos and given the fact that its only the size of a hockey puck you can't go wrong. All-in-all, you have 18 different effects to choose from. Learn more about this Filter Wheel by taking a look after the click or by reading more about it on the Photojojo online store, where the lens is on sale for $40.