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Ferrari Teases Successor To The Enzo

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Quietly waiting its turn on the throne is this beast of a car from the the Prancing Horse brand, which is expected to take the top position away from the Ferrari Enzo thanks to a bit of F1 innovation and refined styling. Unfortunately, all we have by way of pictures are these teaser shots released by the Italian supercar maker and the same goes for its technical specs, but the fact that Rory Byrne, the team's 11-time world championship F1 designer, has spent three years helping to work its carbon fiber, autoclave-shaped chassis and it is expected to have an enhanced version of the V12 found in the F12 Berlinetta already speaks volumes for what is to come. Other details that have leaked throughout the web include a driver-tuned cockpit that is made to fit the exact measurements of the driver as well as custom pedals, steering wheel, and the latest in the brand's double-clutch transmission, which is estimated to reduce emissions by 40% and boost its 0-to-120mph time. Again, there's no word on what this one will be called, but have no doubt that there are plenty of other things to talk about with this one.

via: autoblog