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THRASH LAB - "The New Wave of Barbershops in Los Angeles" | Video

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If you're still going to Supercuts for your monthly chop, this latest installment of Subculture Club from Thrash Lab should serve as something of a wakeup call. Entitled "The New Wave of Barbershops," the short film centers around three unique shops in Los Angeles, heralding a new form of barbering that dispenses the kind of genuineness that you won't find at the local strip mall. The proprietors of Capsule Barbershop (Vince Garcia), Bolt Barbers (Mohawk Matt) and Proper Barbershop (Vinnie Morey and Trent Magnano) all place a premium on the connection with their clients, as well as personal enjoyment in a craft that uses time-worn implements and techniques. These are the kinds of shops, seemingly preserved in amber from a bygone era, that you look forward to visiting each month. Check out the video below.