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Apple iPhone 5S & iOS 7 In The Works, Possible New Colors & Sizes | Rumor

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After familiarizing the market place last year with his pragmatism and consensus building approach to business, Apple's CEO Tim Cook is tackling several issues early for 2013. One of course is the new version of iPhone 5 and its iOS 6 operating system, dubbed by some as iPhone 5S and iOS 7. Both appeared unceremoniously as "iPhone6,1" on Apple App Developer logs in recent weeks though no specifications available at this time. In addition to the discovery, several notable business analysts suggested that Apple will also widening its iPhone offerings with the addition of 6 to 8 colors and screen sizes. This in response to the growing popularity of Samsung Galaxy Note II and similar devices. The colors will be similar to those on the current edition of iPod Touch seen here. As usual, Apple neither confirms nor denies the report.

via: MacRumors