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Warby Parker x The Standard - Winston Striped Ale Sunglasses

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Warby Parker has always been on the cutting edge of the eyewear market and their ingenuity has extended beyond providing high-quality, boutique glasses at rock-bottom prices into also helping those in need by donating a pair for each pair sold. But their latest aren't something that you'll find down at your local swap-meet; Warby Parker has partnered with The Standard hotels to offer a pair of limited edition Winston shades coated in an amber striped ale colorway that'll look great as you lounge out on the pool deck--something the folks at The Standard know a fair amount about. These will be exclusively sold at Warby Parker Readery kiosks at The Standard hotels in Downtown LA and their location in in Miami Beach, but if that's not excuse enough to make a trip, they will also be available online for $95.

The Standard - Downtown Los Angeles
550 South Flower Street | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90071

The Standard Spa - Miami Beach
40 Island Avenue | Map
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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